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Welcome to Supetarska Draga!

Short information about Rab & Supetarska Draga Photo collage

Supetarska Draga

                     The fertile valley houses Supetarska Draga,as well as Mundanije. Gornja and Donja (Upper and Lower) Draga have spread round the Draga Bay. The people of the Dragas have also combined modern and traditional ways of living, and this is easily sensed in tourist industry. There are guests who come back to the same hosts year after year, while new arrivals are quick to become attached to the place and the people. Draga is also interesting to people who come in boats; they are not limited to mooring off the shore, but can stay briefly by one of the neighbouring islets, Maman, Srednjak or Sailovac.  Islets are attractive with their clean and protected sand beaches and bays, and rich undersea life around them is discovered to the sport fishermans.

Romanesque basilica of St. Peter

                     The Draga Bay is protected too; it is shallow and calm, and here many birds nest and over-winter. Once upon the time there were salt pans here, and in the Draga valley the Romanesque basilica of St. Peter was built in the eleventh century. Its beauty attracts the faithful and lovers of art alike.The same church bell tower, built in the early Romanesque style 1060th year, it is the oldest bell in Croatia babbit 1290th year.

 Mills 2.5 m above the sea

Mills ( Mill on the water - driven by the power of drinkable water sources to 2.5 m above sea level) in the Upper Supetarska Dear, one of the first class monuments of folk architecture in our krajevima.Obnovili by Benedictine monks in the 11th century mill is the oldest joint stock company on the island. The owners had shares in the days of use. He again renewed 1989th year, but is not sufficiently presented to the public.


                     One of the most important fishing activities in the Kvarner region was fishing. The first tuner in Sup. Dear Vrdaškolj built in the bay in 1900., And was in operation until 1955. This year will be restored to the new generation does not forget. DSM * Tuner * from Supetar Draga was renewed and rekostruira. Return will be back time and restore the former fishing amenities, a modern fishing environment in which the most fastidious guests can find great opportunities for rest and recreation.

Photo collage